Interesting article on how we're "Wrecking our feet" :


chloe pie
Oct 30, 2007
Silicon Valley, CA
Loong article, but a very good read. I go barefoot (well with those cushy socks you can get from Brookstone that feel like clouds :balloon:) when I'm at home. i have wrecked my feet though after all these years on heels. I'm seeing a podiatrist in a week. Oye!


Rad & Yummy Swag!!!!
Apr 6, 2008
where the sun always shines!
Its true unfortunately!!! i myself have had some issues over the past 6months My mom was just diagnosed too with an inflamation from longterm use of heals recently and my grandmother who always wore heels suffered from problems too!! I usually keep my pain to myself i figure most women suffer too!!! I LOVE ALL MY SHOES but after hours of wearing them i CANT wait to take them off!!! as i wait for my next pair of CLs.... haha thats a true addict!!