Interesting article in Fashionista

  1. I was doing a search after I read something that someone posted about how the coach signature logo n particular but I assumed they were talking about fashion obvious logos in general being a put off to potential employers. This article isn't related but it is what I found when doing a search for info on this subject. If you scroll down there is a Coach article that is interesting and some other interesting ones to follow

  2. Thanks for posing this!

    I read all of them and I think that it's kinda crazy that Coach was the most recognizable brand.. but then it does make sense because I see it everywhere!
  3. I liked the part about how it is the number one brand among fashion conscious mean-girls in high school! LOL.
  4. Just tired of the Coach-bashing on that site. I honestly think that the majority of us want a bag that looks good and wears well. I've lurked the Hermes forum and I don't see the posters there acting snooty or cruel as some of the posters in Fashionista are. Fashionista editorials are blatant in their preference for extremely high-end over "mom" brands like Coach.

    Yeah, won't be going back there. Who needs that kind of ugly reporting?
  5. Fashionista sounds a bit jealous over Coach's popularity, no? They sound snooty and jealous. *LOL* Their article about Coach's horse/buggy logo sounds a bit far fetched. I would say Coach's horse/buggy logo is more reminiscent of Wells Fargo's logo than Hermes' (Hermes' horse and buggy look nothing like Coach's!). The writer needs to do more research before writing their article!
  6. your welcome ! I thought the articles were interesting. There always seems to be this underlying debate on TPF concerning quality vs logo recognition/status brands so I thought that this was interesting. Also the whole "horse and buggy" AKA a "COACH" lol You can put a higher price on anything and make it appear "better" than other things, that is why companies price themselves out of certain markets to maintain a status of being exclusive or less attainable to the general public. Coach even has a heirarchy within it's own company with the outlet target demographic vs the full price retail store shopper. The " high school mean girls" comment cracked me up too !
  7. Yeah... but if there are only two choices for a top and bottom;
    I still would put COACH at the top, Dooney & Bourke below COACH.

    I think Dooney & Bourke's designs are really just "not there" and caters to a more "old ladyish" population.

    I just wished that COACH would just go back to it's "proudly (hand)made in the USA" instead of "China" deal so I can start buying from them again!

    I love BOSCA and they are still traditional US made products as is my first ever collection from COACH 10 years back (black wristlet, backpack, purse and belt all in leather). And I do love COACH handbag designs... just cannot fathom paying $$$ for a less than $ for chinese labor (plus with all their "problems" you hear about).

    IF only they could go back to... COACH original... if only.
  8. Someone posted that WWD article in Hermes and was wondering why they weren't higher - we all agreed it was fairly obvious why Hermes wasn't more recognized and Coach was, but also it was stated that along with those who had H loving that it flew under the radar, it didn't make Coach terrible for being recognized everywhere. They fill totally different niches. It was an interesting thread and I just tried to find it and cannot! AAHHHHHH. When searching is up again, I will!
  9. It's just a bit disingenuous for people with a clear bias towards Hermes to be commenting on other brands in general. It is clear that nothing else compares to Hermes for these commentators, and they have a snide put-down for any brand they feel doesn't measure up.

    And prefering Hermes is just fine, but I wouldn't want a Coach afficionado assessing Hermes, nor do I appreciate an Hermes afficionado assessing Coach.
  10. Oh my gosh the people on that blog need to get out more. On one of the articles someone said that they "stay away from the women/girls who carry Coach"?

    To judge someone on a brand that they own/like is ridiculous. :hs:
  11. ^ HauteMama, I don't think it is wrong for people to assess other things that are outside their realm. I don't own any Balenciaga but I feel free to assess them fairly. Then again, I have two categories: awesome handbags, and fugly handbags. Plus, many people are not just into one brand - I love Hermes and Coach. They do two different things for me, so I don't even compare them.

    I do think it is wrong to pass judgment on people based on what they own - that is just a little bit immature, don't we all agree there?

    ETA: HauteMama I also agree that people with clear biases probably won't be taken as seriously as those who are more fair in their assessments. It is funny to read what people say who are truly snobby. It makes me laugh, because who is the joke really on?
  12. I went back and re-read the blogs on the first page of that link mentioned here. I found myself :rolleyes: my eyes at most of them. The writers' blogs about Coach came off as a desperate attempt at getting their vapid opinions published. I dunno where they came up with their poll results (with the lack of supporting statements and examples), but it was news to me :confused1: