Interesting article about H in Washington Post

  1. I HATE when they say stuff like "gleaming padlock made of white or yellow gold". Grrr. No it's not.
    Other than that, it was a nice little article. Did anyone else feel like it sort of left off in midstream though? Thank you for sharing with us, Birkin101.
  2. Love it, thanks for posting!!!
  3. Lovely article...makes me smile!
  4. Thanks.
    I bought my first H bag, a Kelly, from Veronique Danforth, who is quoted at the end of the article.
  5. Small world...
  6. Thanks Birkin101.
  7. Great find, thanks. Enjoyed reading it.
  8. Thanks, birkin101!
  9. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the article.
  10. That made me smile! Thanks for the post.
  11. Thanks for posting - enjoyed reading the article.
  12. Thank you for posting! That was a good one, compared to some other articles :smile:
  13. Thanks for sharing
  14. Thanks for sharing!