interesting article about counterfeiters

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  1. Interesting article, thanks for posting.
  2. Wow...very interesting. T4p.
  3. This is really insightful -- thanks for posting the link.
  4. Crazy.

    Y'know, if only they could use their evil for good. There are some pretty darn intelligent people operating in the counterfeit handbag industry, and it's too bad they haven't used their smarts in better ways.
  5. Rather ludicrous of the article to blame the design houses for counterfeiting, because of their high prices. I thought this is the way that a capitalist, free society works. You charge whatever the market will bear. If someone loves a design, there are always plenty of inspired and cheaper versions of these bags to be found. If they just want the name on the bag, they don't deserve it anyway.
  6. The logic in this article is a little flawed, I think: Chinese criminals hack computers, Chinese criminals make counterfeit bags, therefore Chinese criminals are hacking into computers to steal designs to make counterfeit bags.

    Far easier to steal the purses off the runways and the factories, no?
  7. Wow...being chinese I kind of find it insulting how everything counterfeit is blamed on the chinese...I admit most of coutnerfiet products do come from China and I think China should be more regulated, however its really hard given how many peopel there are there its hard to keep track of everyone and there are certainly not enouhg resources. What I think needs to be done is to dampen demand by educating the consumers first and hopefully it will feed thorugh...As long as people buy fake good they will keep making them..... I'm glad places like this forum frown upon fakes and encourage people to buy inspired products from less expensive brands as opposed to buy a bag just for its name even though its fake. When our family go back to chine we are weary of what we are buying as its common to be ripped or or be sold inferior products, sadly thats the nature of alot of market stalls in China. I'm not sure what can be done to alleviate this growing problem but I sure hope they figure it out soon!! The city where I was born basically lets people in freely (you don't need a passport to get in) and that creates alot of problems in regards to crime as you can't catch criminals if you can't account for their many people come from the countryside who are poor and steal and commit crime to have enough money to survive/feed their family or just to become wealthier.....
  8. Chako012, I don't think the intent is to make Chinese people seem like bad guys, I know I certainly don't feel that way. However the Chinese government is a different story. They seem to turn a blind eye to this kind of thing, I believe because this informal economy is one of the things that keeps an inefficient economic system going. Like you say there's a lot of poor people who have to make a living somehow. They also need to feed their kids. And yes, I agree that places like this forum does great work in educating people, but to be quite frank, most people don't care about the source of their goods, as long as they're getting a deal. In my opinion, it's easier to wipe out the supply, than the demand.
  9. I agree with this. It seems like the writer came across one or two sources that said this, and tried to spin an entire story from it. Besides, I've heard that the best fakes come from Korea - shouldn't they be the ones hacking if anything? (jk)
  10. I think if we communicate buying fake goods are supporting the black market drugs etcc and crime it might hit home a little more so then just saying fake bags are fake O_O.............

    I guesS I'm just a bit naieve ..:crybaby: