Interested to know......

  1. Just interested to know if your hubbies/partners have an expensive habit similar to our bag addiction. Mine is into watches, Panerai mainly, and is a member of a forum similar to this. Makes it easier to justify my Chloe purchases!
  2. The more expensive breeds of acoustic guitar plus the other bits and pieces that go with them.

    Bulkier to store than handbags! Have to be exercised regularly.

    Luckily no memberships but meets lots of like minded men (well mainly men) in pubs and venues. String talk can be quite dull for the non-believer!

    I won't mention his obsession with Minis (the car) as I am a believer myself. We exclaim about passing Minis to each other as we encounter them on the road! We park preferentially next to them if we can.
  3. my bf is obsessed with perormance cars, i can spend what i want and he cant say anything as he knows he would spend the same on something silly for his car!!!
    we have a deal that as long as the bills are paid then thats the main thing!
  4. Oh goody!! Now we can chat about enabling husbands except my is very German and saves every cent, so I guess you can say he collects green backs, LOL. However when the urge hits he's been know to collect hunting supplies, tents, knives, lanterns. He wants the newest techno effecient items for his yearly camping trip in the Spring.
  5. Does he put his hunting gear in a fabulous ultra expensive bag / rucksack. If not, can't you work on him about this? Maybe it would convert him??????????
  6. I presume that this makes him suitably leather conscious as ultra desirable seats surely come into the flash (sorry - I mean 'performance') car fixation?!?
  7. mine likes his luxury car and has a second antique car.
  8. Very sensible. Where is Lescoy - I am sure that she mentioned that her chap has a Billy Connolly type trike in the garage!?!
  9. My hubby is into HD tv, computers and other gadets. Good thing we both have jobs, so no one can say anything to the other. :noworry:
  10. Chainsaws, which can get expensive. He is someone who understand quality and craftsmanship, so even though he hasn't had a purchase that has surpassed mine he has never begrudged me a purchase.
  11. The Boy is all into electronics - mostly video games - and Football/baseball clothes, memorabilia stuff, and has my love of SHOES. haha
  12. DH never used to shop, but now he spends almost as much as me! mainly on comic books and related merchandise, and dvds.
  13. My husband spends a lot of money on XBox 360 games.
  14. He definitely has an obsession w/ big trucks/SUV's...he likes to change up every 2 years...and he's really into new computer equipment.

  15. Mine is pretty obsessed with cars and electronics