Interested in tummy tuck but not sure if it's worth it

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  1. I've had 3 pregnancies and I have been working out properly for 10 years (before,during,after the babies). I have so much loose skin :sad: All my births were vaginal so I have no scar, and I don't know if the TT scar is worth it???

    If I had a C-section scar anyways, it would probably not matter as much, but would you risk such a large scar for this? I can pull my skin about 3 inches out!!! I don't think it's all fat.

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  2. How does your skin do with scarring in general?
    I had an appendectomy and one of the incisions is in the same place a TT scar would be - in the bikini crease line. It actually healed nicely and is now barely noticeable, even though my skin usually gets a dark pigment when I get a scar.
    I think that unless you are planning on baring your lower abdomen very frequently, a scar will be covered up most of the time.
  3. Lacoccinelle, let me congratulate you first for having 3 children and such a beautiful figure like yours. Your hard work really paid off and you should be proud and love your body as it is. :smile:

    Your abdomen looks more than fine by me! I wouldn't choose the knife if I were you.. I would work harder on the gym to get a bit more toned (maybe to get more of abdominal muscles revealed) and that's all. You don't have any or very little fat on your belly and it is a shame to get through a surgery. The risks and pain afterwards might not worth the effort. You need to get more toned if that little excess of skin bothers you.

    Just my two cents. I hope I didn't offend you in any way! I am a bit against surgery if it's not absolutely necessary...and you look too good to get under the knife! :smile:
  4. Oh my gosh, yes. You look so GOOD for a mom. My friends who have not had children have worse stomachs than that. You do not need surgery.

  5. Omg I wish my stomach looked like yours instead mines looks like a small butt😁😳😁...anyway save your money you look great like someone stated just tone it up its cheaper ....I'm working mines away I can use the money on a new bag for my hard work and progress..good luck with your choice