Interested in psychology? Take the Jung typology test

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  1. It's pretty cool - you answer some questions and you get assigned a type. Then you can read the type profile - which is often very creepily accurate.

    Take it and post your type here!

    Me: INTP :smile:
  2. I've taken this test in January and I'm surprised that the results are still the same..

  3. [SIZE=+1]Your Type is
    [SIZE=+2]ENFP[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=+1]ExtravertedIntuitiveFeelingPerceiving[/SIZE][SIZE=+0]Strength of the preferences %[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]67256211[/SIZE]

    wow and after reading the descriptions that really does sound like ME!
  4. ENFP...the description is dead on. how creepy!
  5. I have changed so much since I last took this test in Jan. 2004- I had originally scored off the charts as an ESTJ and for the first time, I am actually an ENFJ. I'm completely shocked. I want to take the full-length MBTI to see if the ENFJ is actually true.

    ENFJ! Wow.

    [SIZE=-0]YOUR TYPE[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]E[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]N[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]F[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]J[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]Strength of the preferences %[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]33[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]50[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]50[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]78[/SIZE]
  6. i got ESJF.
  7. I took MBTI, years ago as part of a creative course at UC Santa Cruz, very strange course, and I am still not sure it made me more creative...but learning about the test was fasinating! I was so excited to give my DH the test (I did predict exactly what he would be)...I still have a couple of books about it in the 'library'.
  8. INTP - yet again :smile:
  9. [SIZE=+1] [SIZE=+2] ENFJ[/SIZE][/SIZE]ExtravertedIntuitiveFeelingJudging
    • slightly expressed extravert
    • distinctively expressed intuitive personality
    • moderately expressed feeling personality
    • moderately expressed judging personality
  10. I administer (and have taken) the MB as part of my "day job" for years. In theory, it seems like a good idea but I've never been that impressed with its function in the real world. :shrugs:
  11. ISFJ.
    i didnt think i was that introverted though.
  12. I'm ENFJ now although I took it a couple of times before and was ISFJ and then ESFJ but all three times it brought up counselling as a suitable career (which is where i'm headed!)
  13. I'm INTJ, and my bf is INTP - we're complements of each other!