Interested in Balenciaga "The Box" in silver?

  1. If anyone is interested, I'm selling my silver "The Box" in eBay. I have 7 Balenciaga bags and I have both silver and pewter so I'm selling one sine they are similar in color. It's a great size and very gently used. No darkening of the handles and just very slight wear at the bottom edge.

    eBay item number 8388773582

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Hi LaVan! Glad to see you on b-bag discussion thread is just not enough... Good luck with your sale! Did you purchase the silver through Bal Paris?
  3. Hi SoCal! Yeap, got it in Paris in December. I hope someone is interested. My husband thinks I'm silly to have both silver and pewter lol
  4. ^ The girl that had ink/black city bags and bordeaux/rouge city bags and black city/twiggy/work/hobo bags and bordeaux city/twiggy bags understands...
  5. ;) Are you going to purchase any new colors from summer or fall?
  6. Maybe fall...I have been on quite a Chloe kick as of late...
  7. Balenciaga is lovely but Chloe is quite the eye catcher.:love:
  8. I saw the mini paddington in tan when I was in New York last week. It was really cute ... just too heavy for me. My husband also likes to paddington and asks why I don't buy it. Well, if my silver Balenciaga gets sold, I might consider a Chloe :amuse:
  9. The eBay auction has ended and if anyone is interested, send me a private message and you'll get priority before I relist the item. The bag is in excellent condition.