Interested in a Vinyl Toyz Parade?

  1. Hey, there's a Shiitakes DIY parade at Flushing mall (NYC) tomorrow from 5 PM to 9 PM... I'm guessing it'll being inside this toy store called Toy Qube (the sell toki vinyls and blind boxes as well)

    I just thought to throw this out there for those of you are able and who like to go. I've never been to this kind of event before so i don't know what to tell you but hopefully, it'll be fun!

    Toy Qube
    Flushing Mall
    133-31 38th ave. #f36
    Flushing, NY 11354
  2. Sounds cool Sa...are you going? If you are, have fun ^__^ I think you told me about this thing before...heh.
  3. Yea...i'm going to try...I've never been to that sort of thing before...I hope it's cool. I told you about it before but didn't think to post it here in case until now..

    Sorry for the late notice y'all :sweatdrop:
  4. oh my gosh I'm going to be in flushing tomorrow because I have to go to the physical therapist!

    5 to 9 tho .. hmm ... oh and I don't get it ... what kind of parade is this? Are people gonna be dressed up as vinyls and they're gonna parade around the mall?

    lmao sorry .. but really ... I don't get it?
  5. You know...neither do I hahaha that's just what the flyer i got said. and it doesn't elaborate more. OOhh.. which PT are you going to? those chinese ones that do everything? E-stim/ultrasound/heat therapy and massage? It's not advertised anyway outside the store so i'm think and hoping that it would be a cool small little thing where Erick Scarecrow comes in and draws on or that you could participate.
  6. Samantha! If you go, please take pics so we can see! It sucks being in a city that never has anything cool like that going on. I need to be in nyc or la or hawaii!
  7. I just charged my battery!!! :biggrin:
  8. oh, i was going to post that until i saw you did already, SempreII. ha. i saw something about this on the vinyl toys forum before. are you a member there too?
  9. No...but I've been a lurker there every now any
  10. Sempre - I'm not sure what's going to happen at the therapist. I know I'm supposed to get a consultation with the doctor and then meet with the therapist. I just figured the therapist was going to show me stretching exercises for my hand or something like that .. lol

    if I'm still in flushing by 5 then I'll def. drop by and check it out or ... I'll drop by there before 5 to check things out. Last time I was there toy qube wasn't even open yet and it was like 11:00 in the morning ... I really wanted to go in and look at the vinyls ...
  11. ah, you should join! everyone's really nice. it's like here, except toys. :biggrin:
  12. You should see how crazy I got with dunnies in my first week starting with the Toki dunny...I'm going to wait before I go I don't wanna be sucked into wanting to buy a $300 8 inch qee lol. Toki comes but I know I will eventually. I think my little bro's a member.

    tokiangel: oh...I've been to pt so many times...btw karate/gymnastics and track. -I used to get hurt They'll ask you a few questions about how you got hurt..then move your hand around to see what motions hurt you or where you feel numbness if nec. prescribe painkillers or something.
    Then they either do it themselves or send you to another person where they'll either start with electrical stimulation or heat therapy...asian centers usually go straight to e-stim..other PT orgs like ProFessional- formerly profit..count every form of therapy theyuse on you and may only use heat therapy. Since the area is relatively small...they might not do ultrasound and depending on how hurt you are; assign you light exercises to do with your wrist!

    They might even do nothing on the first visit and set you up to do an xray..
  13. haha yeah... it's not that active since I've been on there tho

    I really need to get rid of my toys :push: ahhh my money
  14. yeah, it used to be a lot more active.. especially during xmas'06, since erik had a big toy giveaway [everyday] that everyone was entered in just for posting. and there's still the 'every 50 members, someone wins' thing. i still :heart:vtf, even though i'm more active here now. we should just post lost of stuff about toki toys on there. hah.