Interested in a Black EPI Jasmin

  1. Does anyone have this bag, I saw some on eBay and one had some white spots, does that happen easily? Any recs on this bag? thanks!
  2. I don't have the black...although I was looking for a black one before, but in the end I bought the Vanilla because it's such a unique colour. I love the Jasmin! It's so nice and classy.

    Anyway, I suspect those white marks are scratches/scuffs...? :shrugs: I think it's bound to happen with use...and it may be more obvious on black Epi because scuff marks are white and the Epi is black?
  3. :wtf:
  4. Whoa! I was thinking when did I post in this thread and it's from two months ago!!
  5. My friend has in black and she use as daily bag. I notice her Black Jasmin still in good condition-perhaps there's slight scratch only