Interchangeable Watch Band/Straps

  1. hey everyone!!!
    i was wondering what your opinion was with fake straps on eBay.
    i have a michele csx chrono and i buy my 18mm straps from Nordstroms. recently i was on eBay and saw a bunch of straps for less than $20 (way cheaper than the usual $150 alligator strap that i get). i was thinking of getting one coz itll save me money (i have 5 michelle alligators straps so far) but i am very conflicted because it feels like im disrespecting the watch (im not crazy really! hehe) because its good quality and i dont wanna pair it with alligator imitation. its like getting a fake purse. am i overthinking it? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
    i need help!!! honest opinions pls!!
  2. In my opinion, the real danger of that (apart from the whole fake issue) is that it might snap and your watch'd fall, damaging it.