Interational buyer asked me to lie, but

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2010
    I just logged into my computer and I'm so mad. I just received my very first SNAD after being a ebay seller for 8 years. What makes me so mad is that this buyer did not only contact me first to ask if I would take the dress back, but went straight to paypal and escalated the dispute to a claim without even giving a chance to respond. And the worst part is that she is claiming my dress is not authentic, because I would not lie on the customs form!!! After she snuck in and bid at the last second of the auction, she paid right away and asked me to lie on the customs form. She stated in the email that she would have to pay a lot for the customs fees to Japan. She also demanded that I ship ASAP!!!. The dress is brand new and is 100% authentic. All of the dresses and shoes that I sell are 100% authentic and everyone can see in my feedback for the past 8 years. I'm so mad. I was going to just not agree to the paypal dispute and have it escalated to paypal, but I decided I need to calm down and call paypal when they open this morning. Luckily, I'm a top customer and have never had a dispute against me, but I know this liar (buyer) will still win thanks to ebays buyer protection!!!. I will have paypal read her paypal invoice that shows where she asked me to lie on the customs form and they know I have only sold authentic items for 8 years. I will see if they can make her have proof that the dress is not authentic, which she can't because it is 100% authentic. What else that makes me mad is that she is demanding that I pay $30.00 for the return shipping fees. I also know that this awful buyer will be leaving terrible feedback and will most likely lie and say the dress is fake to ruin my seller history. I'm so tired of these buyers that only buy on ebay and itimidate sellers by asking them to lieon the customs form. I'm still dealing with the other International buyer that received my CL shoes in two different sizes and was mad that I would not mark the customs form for $30.00 instead of $200.00. Can anyone please give me some advice? I would really appreciate. I also have 3 nonpaying bidders at this time.
  2. Just because she SAYS it is fake doesn't mean she will win. In my case this past summer, a lady (whose Paypal address was in California where I shipped the item) claimed her sis sent it to her in China once she received it. She said it was fake and damaged and even took some pictures that had nothing in them. Anyway, I proved to paypal I had a receipt from Saks where I bought the item and they closed the case in my favor. I still have the bad feedback because ebay is stupid, but I have sold a few things since so oh well. More positives to pile on top of her negative.

    Just supply paypal with whatever you can to prove it is authentic like the original receipt.
  3. Yes, it is not sure yet whether they will rule in her favour. Supply Paypal with all your pics and the pics she sent you which had NOTHING in them!!

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much for your response and great advice. I'm so glad you won your case and I will take your great advice and stand my ground. I'm so tired of these International buyers trying to bully me and other sellers into lowering the value on the customs form. I know that is why she is mad. I also can't believe she did not just email me first and let me know she was not happy with the dress. She's just a bully. I'm so sorry to hear that your buyer left you a negative and that ebay would not remove it. I just know she will say that my dress was not authentic. Luckily, so far all of my other feedback shows that all of my items are authentic and the buyers have been happy. I can't wait until PP opens, so I can talk to them. You don't know how bad I want to email her and ask why she did not contact me first and that I know she opened this case, because she had to pay customs fees. I'm just trying to stay calm and not make things worse.
  5. Thanks so much. Yes, I will email them all the pictures and they will also be able to see that she had asked me to lie on the customs form, which is illegal. I'm hoping paypal will side with me too and that is why I decided to not respond to the case without talking to them first. I just want to get their advice.

  6. No problem :smile: You are doing very well by not contacting her. I was silly and I emailed my buyer and I was not nice once my buyer got nasty with me! lol but I have a bad temper. I was angry also because my buyer left me a neg saying I refused refund before she even asked for one. I guess she could see the future ;) Definitely stand your ground because I think paypal are usually good judges about who the scammer is
  7. I block buyers from everywhere but Canada and the US (and list Express Only for anything about $200 and over for Canada). If someone from another country wants to make an offer, I will look at their FB left for others and add them to the exemption list.

    I keep my acceptable Best Offers high enough that most people contact me first.

  8. That is a great idea. I think I might list all of my items as a BIN or Best Offer, so I can check their feedback first. I'm so tired of these International bidders threatening me after they win and pay.
  9. Stop doing international transactions if they're turning out to be such headaches. :shrugs:

    TBH, I'm a bit confused about your threads kuz you say you've been selling for eight years but many of the questions involve basic stuff.

  10. Yes, I have been selling for 8 years, but I just recently started selling Internationally. I never had these problems before when I did not sell Internationally.
  11. I state on all my auctions "International bidders are responsible for their own import taxes. I will NOT lie on customs forms about the value of the item."

    AND..... they don't read, bid and still expect me to. I'm going through a similar situation w\ a Canadian buyer who was upset that she was charged $50 in import fees... SO NOW the NIB shoes are scratched and don't match.

    Do you have it in writing that she wanted you to lie on the customs form? That's illegal, so you should called ebay ASAP and tell them this. I contacted ebay in my case and they launched a separate investigation into her.

    Good luck!

  12. I'm so sorry your are going through this too. I cannot believe she sent you back scratched shoes and they don't match. I would be so mad. I hope ebay will help you out and refund you. Yes, I have finally learned to note in all my auctions that I will not lie on the customs form, since this is illegal and against ebay policy. Yes, they buyer is so stupid, because she wrote on the paypal payment(in the notes to seller) for me to lower the customs value, so she will be able to avoid paying customs fees. I would not lower the value and emailed her I cannot lie, since that is illegal. Now she is claiming my dress is fake and wants me to pay her return shipping fee of $30.00 also. I tried calling ebay at 5 AM this morning and was on hold for over an hour and gave up. So I called paypal and I told them I have the original receipt for the dress and to please look at my selling history. They can see I have only sold authentic items and have never had a dispute against me. I also told them to look at the paypal invoice and see that this buyer asked me to lie on the customs form. They are going to investigate this too. I hope it all works out for you.
  13. International transactions are a pain in the a$$. :yes:
    They're more complicated on several levels, and so much can go wrong. I would reconsider whether or not to continue these transactions if they're causing more stress than they're worth. I, for one, don't buy or sell abroad, but many people here do it successfully.
  14. Very good, NYShop. I also have international bidders blocked on my seller's preferences. And I say on my listing if you are international and want this item, IF you want to bid you must contact me first, etc. It is a risk but so far have not had any terrible situations. It's just kinda scary to sell anything like a high end bag on ebay now, international or not. But the international can have much more problems than domestic (like customs charges and high shipping costs). International bidders really have to EARN my trust before I will take the block off.
    Good luck on this, OP.