Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal

  1. Hi, guys,

    I looked and there are a couple of threads on laser hair removal but none on IPL. As far as I understand, these are two different things.
    Laser is more of a method for hair reducation and IPL is PERMANENT. It uses a flashlamp and it usually takes 6 - 8 session for your hair to dissapear forever.
    There isn't a lot of info I could find on it however.
    Any personal experiences?
  2. I've never heard of this before, but it sounds interesting! How much does it usually cost? And is it very painful?
  3. I think it works out much less expensive than laser and it's more safed. Apparently FDA approved it before laser. And yes, apparently it's painful in some areas (croth) and not so in others (like legs). But that's all I know. I was trying to find a clinic but there is none in my area.
  4. I've heard that IPL isn't as effective for hair removal as other types of lasers. Are you also sure about IPL being more permanent? But maybe IPL is advancing in the area of hair removal???
  5. wow! so laser is not really permanent and IPL is?? I really want to get laser soon but I dont want to waste my money if its not going to be permanent or at least make it 90% less reduction
  6. Well, I read an article about it in Elle and it claims IPL is 100% permanent after 8 cycles but often it takes less. I dunno wether to believe it but with laser, they usually avoid such claims. As far as I understand, IPL uses a different method. It wasn't originally designed for hair loss but for other medical procedures where hair loss was notes as a result. But I don't know for sure.
  7. Yes, I read the Laser thread and it says, a lot of people notice that all their laser-removed hair RETURNS after 2-4 years!!! So, how would you feel, you paid 1000$ + to get your hair removed "permanently", it's painful and time-consuming and after 4 years it's like you never did it???
  8. I tried it for a brazilian bikini wax. After 10 sessions, some of which they did a double pass (2x), my hair was nowhere close to being eliminated. I'd been doing for over 2 years! Not even remotely effective for me personally.
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  10. IPL and laser can both be permanent and both can be associated with return growth of hair. I actually think that certain lasers are better for hair removal than IPL. Make an appointment with a local dermatologist (make sure he/she is board-certified in dermatology) to discuss the options.

    IPL is better for hyperpigmentation (dark spots). I wonder where Elle Magazine got the info that IPL is 100% permanent for hair removal vs. laser. Completely untrue.