intense bracelet

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  1. does anyone have one or tried one on? thoughts on it? i'm considering buying one from the website so no chance to try it on before buying.
  2. Yes! I love love love the intense. Here's a pic of mine. I have more pics on my IG. It's comfortable, has just the right amount of HW, great price point, and the list goes on and on. Mine is in blue paon. Which color where you thinking?
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  3. Does it stay shut? It's lovely.
  4. interested in this style too... BUT bummer the color selection seems to be very limited as not as popular as other styles.. still hopeful...
  5. issues with it staying shut. Thanks so much!

    I'm hoping they get more colors love a white one with GHW! The bracelet in gold is really lovely too. Still hopeful for more colors also :smile:
  6. What size do you have? The ones on the web looks like M as there is an M at the of the the SKU. The web does not give any measurements though.

    How does the sizing compare to a S CDC?
  7. Hey! We think similar again!
    I asked my SA if they have White & GHW!!
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    I wear S in CDC & using the middle #2 or #3 slot. When I wear S with Intense, I will wear the smallest setting, but will also at the middle setting if weather is hot as my waist swells a bit.

    Looking from LovEmAll photo above, my waist is smaller than hers with the middle slot setting.

    I tried on multiple leather bracelets at the boutique. I don't like the bracelet turns around (hardware facing inward after wearing sometimes). So far, only CDC & Intense fit me. KD, KDT, Imprevisible, all too big even I go with the smallest setting.
  9. I wear a small in the middle or smallest setting. I tried on a CDC once and I think it was the smallest also. Hope that helps!

    Hahahaaha...must be in the name ;) fingers crossed we get it in that combo! It would be perfect
  10. Yep...for reference. My love is a 17 and my JUC a 16. If I wear the intense on its own, I tend to place it on the smallest setting since it sits lower on my arm. I don't have small wrists by any stretch of the imagination so if you have tiny wrists the intense may be too big.
  11. i ended up finding one in vegas, cactus gator:
    bright sun:

    i like it, it's a a nice change from a cdc. there should be a size xs though. i do the cdc on the smallest or 2nd smallest setting (KDT in xs, rivale in XS too big) and this bracelet is a bit loose. it's pretty easy to put on. the color is lovely too :smile:
  12. I saw this cactus color in Paris and fell in love but they didn't have my size. Will def be checking on this in Vegas!
  13. Very nice combination
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  14. I too wish they made and xs. I have the small and I think it may have stretched a bit because I now wear it on the tightest setting (was wearing at first in the middle setting). It is a lovely cuff, but I think for those with very very small wrists (meaning those folks where a cartier love 16 is too big) the intense may be too big too. For the rest of us though, it is really beautiful! One of my fav :smile:
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