Intelligence starring Josh Holloway from Lost

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  1. Is anyone watching this new series? I caught three episodes and thought it was pretty good! Of course, 'Sawyer' made the viewing easier;)) he is playing this CIA agent who has this microchip planted in his head so he can access ALL telecommunications data...
  2. I have watched every single episode of this first season and the season has been over. Yes Josh Holloway was very pleasant to watch and I like the chemistry between him and Riley. I hope it gets renewed.
  3. Hi there! I had no idea that the season had ended:sad:( I am based in Europe! Yes, the chemistry between the two leads was very charming, some funny one-liners were exchanged between them.👍
  4. Liked the show, nothing heavy. Hope it renews!
  5. Enjoyed the show too. Have a few epis left to look at on my DVR so did not know the season was already over. Hope it gets renewed too.