Intellectual Property – Wher e do Hermes draw the line?

  1. Recently here in the UK, Jimmy Choo sucessfully had Marks & Spencers (a well loved and respected British chain store) remove from sale a clutch that was ‘too similar’ to the JC ‘Ciggy’. The bag was very similar in design but not identical and obviously was not being marketed as JC or similar.
    I just got back from NYC and while there I passed a nice, respectable looking shop – the name escapes me but I think it was off either 5th or Madison.
    As we approached I noticed they had a discreet sign advertising their annual ‘purse sale’ outside…I naturally intrigued….I anchored on the brakes when I thought I spied a Birkin in one of the windows! :yahoo:
    On closer inspection it became obvious the bags were not H birkins but were almost identical in design. This is not the first Birkin ‘wannabe’ I’ve seen either. So where do Hermes draw the line? It was obvious what this bag was supposed to look like and although it wasn’t technically a ‘fake’ I wondered if any of you ladies knew why Hermes don’t just put a halt to this kind of thing in the same way JC did with M&S??????? Just curious! :hrmm: