intel from Saks ....

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  1. Hi all
    Today I attended a chanel luncheon at SAks.The head buyers attended for Chanel shoes and was actually a great time and after several lot of fun!
    I learned that the new jumbo and maxi double flaps will appear in Oct...With ANOTHER price increase...ugh.the main colors will not appear till feb/ march and that will also mean another price increase...I kid u not
    They said there will be no more jumbos and maxis manufactured without the interior flap.and Saks will no longer get them past buy it now...sniff.I do not like the new flaps at all.prefer the older ones.
    They showed us a runway show and jewelry,clothing,watches..etc.
    It was a nice day and the buyers were super nice.I sat down and talked to them at the end and we talked about how Chanel is trying to be like Hermes.with large price tags and trying to be more exclusive in general with the product.turns out I'm the only one that has seen the new chanel boxes(when I was in Paris).... Luckily,they r nicer
    I fell in love with a new messenger tiny bag..with pearl handles....will attch pics in a few for u all.
  2. OMG..... Ok, this is such crap.... Vintage only for me from now on.
  3. whaaa?? am i reading this right??!!?? saks will no longer get jumbos and maxis after feb at all??!!?? price increase--stinks but that i believe ;)

    also, has anyone seen purple 2.55? are they waiting to come in til october with higher price? (i haven't been around much so my apologies if i missed something re this) generally, CRAZY news! thanks for passing it along. i am glad you had a nice time :smile:

    i know i feel lucky for buying so many bags in the last year but i think i may be done!

    thanks for sharing as usual
  4. Nicer boxes? Are they they white/sturdier boxes that Paris has had for a while now? Are the white boxes coming for all flaps in the US?!

    I know the messenger with the pearls you are talking about... too cute $$$pricey though!

    Glad you had a nice time! talking about Chanel all day?! I can't think of a better Tuesday!

  5. They will only have the double flap maxis and jumbos from Feb more of the ones we like.... Old stock will simply run out....
    Bad enough they r double flaps...but Another INCREASE??!!?? For a bag we don't love too...eeek
  6. thanks for clarifying :smile: i thought chanel was reaaaaally going overboard! have we seen these new bags yet?
  7. They did say the colors will be out in maxi and jumbo in Oct( double flaps with increased prices)... But the black and beiges won't be in till feb/ I predict a shortage in between.
  8. Just the Jumbo's & Maxi's are increasing when they add the flap right?
  9. I also asked about weight of new maxis and jumbos and she did say that they would probably be heavier.....yuck.....more material=heavier...common sense...
  10. Another price increase?! :faint:

    Thanks for sharing the intel with us, beachbum!
    The price increase news is hitting hard on us..... It just happened way too fast..
    Anyway, look forward to your picts! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks Beachbum....think I am just gonna' give up now!
  12. are the m/l bags going to be increased too?
  13. Oh and the highlight of my trip.....?
    I went to get the new walk of fame tote and the grommets that hold the straps on were sticking out of the leather..major defect.... I was so freaked out. A 3550.00 bag!?!???!!
    That's insane...I wonder if it's defective in general or JUST that bag...sigh
  14. Sad news!

    My SA said that Karl believes there is no difference in his bags and Hermes...they are made in the same factory and are of similar quality. (I'm doubting that the statement about the factory is true - I'm sure the experts will weigh in on this - and the walk of fame tote defect doesn't say much about their quality control. Anyhoo, I asked her if she knew what he's been smoking lately. Apparently the "compete with Hermes" message is getting around.

    Glad you enjoyed the afternoon!
  15. :salute: Farewell chanel! This is about the end of my love affair with chanel! Double flaps= bad news, 2 more price increases= badder news
    Thanks Jill for the intel- glad you had a nice day!