Intagli Veneta?

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  1. #1 Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2010
    Hi All,

    I could use everyone's input especially since I"ve never seen the ignali ebano but keep hearing great reviews....

    If you had to choose between the intagli ebano and regular nappa leather which would you buy and why?

    I've heard the Intagli is softer and a little lighter then the ebano which sounds very pretty but I wonder how the textured weave looks in comparison and is it more delicate?

    All insight greatly welcome!

    Btw, My large toffee veneta hasn't even arrived yet and I"m already thinking of the maxi! lol
  2. I'd choose the Intagli. In my opinion, it is softer and so rich looking with the added contrasting texture in the weaves. I had it in the maxi and loved wearing that bag. It had an extra "oomph" to it. Of course, you can't go wrong with the classic ebano either :heart:
  3. Another vote for the Intagli. I just love it when BV does something special on the fettuce or the overall treatment of the bag. Plus it only came in a Veneta (my fave style) and it had that blue lining :biggrin: If you have a chance to get one in great condition then you should go for it.
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    Nice to hear such good things about the intagli. Just realized I mis-spelled it in my subject and gave it a new word. lol

    Glad to see the BV experts knew what I was discussing.;)

  5. lol - I had to look up spelling :smile:

    Our private message conversations are making me miss this veneta again...It's just such a warm, comfy bag :heart: Like hot chocolate with whipped cream on a chilly fall day...
  6. You're so cute!
  7. To answer your questions in turn:

    -I have an Intagli Veneta as well as a regular nero nappa Veneta, so I chose both. I chose the regular nappa for nero because I wanted the most basic classic style in nero. I chose the Intagli for ebano, to be honest, because my BV boutique had one on sale while the regular ebano was still full price. Plus the blue suede interior of the Intagli is really amazing. I think I would have been happy with either one, although part of me prefers the original non-reddish ebano color. I have no regrets, though, as explained more below.

    -The Intagli was more pliable and had more drape when brand new. It's addicting. The color is not that much lighter than ebano, but it has warmer, reddish tones. It's still what I'd call a dark brown, though. There are photos of the textured weave on the Reference forum--how it looks on the Veneta is based on your preference. I happen to like it because it makes it more distinct from my nero Veneta, but at the same time, it still looks like a BV woven Veneta.

    -Is it more delicate? Perhaps, yes. After using it for a little while, mine still looks terrific and I think it will age well. I don't baby it and don't hesitate to use it, but I understand that it's an expensive handbag and treat it with ordinary care. At the same time, I do think it's a little bit more delicate than solid, non-embossed nappa fettuce--time will tell.

    As an aside, I remember reading somewhere that the Intagli is cervo, but my SA told me that information is incorrect based on her BV literature. She told me it is nappa that had a different dye treatment and embossed, so the resulting drape of the leather seemed different from regular nappa--but it is nappa. For the record, I've had a BV manager (a different person from my SA) incorrectly insist that my Barcelona calf Cabat is cervo, too, but it's not (it's Barcelona calf), so I think BV SAs sometimes have mistaken information. So who knows.

    (My unsolicited advice is to wait until you have your large toffee Veneta and use it for a while before you spring for a maxi Veneta--unless you're already familiar with the maxi and already have others in the Veneta style. Both of my Venetas are medium and I love them, but I only figured out my preference by trying other styles and sizes to compare. Good luck deciding!)
  8. I personally prefer the regular Veneta! The Intagli is a little too much for me, but I like to keep things simple. Of course it's all about personal preference, so I guess you need to decide which is best for you! Good Luck!
  9. LOVE intaglia!
  10. I have the Large Intaglia and love is so very different from the veneta...very soft and very light weight...they look totally different to me and so you are safe to have
  11. INTAGLI!!! You know how I feel about this bag. I don't even do brown and bought this bag the second I saw it at NM a couple years ago. So very special, and the sheen! :drool::faint:

    Mine is filled right now (as you know) ;) and I think I have to leave it out and take it for a spin. :yahoo:

    Intagli Intagli Intagli

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  12. the Intagali Veneta was so soft
    you could have used it as a tissue it was soft
  13. Seems we have a lot of bags alike except for all those Cabats you have. I only have the PO. :P
  14. BL-We have very similar if I ever come visit your way, I can just use your
  15. Intagli is definitely cervo, and it is laser cut. I think the color is like rootbeer. It is brown, but with that sparkly red undertone.