Int. Shipping costs on Active Endeavors???

  1. I bought a Botkier Cairo from AE in their sale.
    When I checked out, the international shipping price didnt show up (it was 0.00). The small print says that the cost would be added on after they get a quote for sending the bag.
    I have just received an email saying that my bag has been shipped, but the cost on the invoice still only shows the price of the bag, and the shipping total is still 0.00.

    Will they charge the shipping price to my card without telling me the cost or listing it on the final invoice, or have I got lucky???

    Do any international AE buyers know anything??
  2. Halzer, AE's site says shipping is free via UPS to Canada. I have contacted to ask if there were other shipping methods since UPS charges ridiculous brokerage fees and they said that they could ship via USPS as well.
  3. Sorry Halzer, I'm an idiot, for some reason I was convinced that you were in Canada. So convinced I even failed to notice that it says United Kingdom right under your avatar:push:
    Did you hear anything more from AE regarding your order? Was shipping added?
  4. Hahhaha! I did wonder but I didnt want to point it out.
    The receipt was still 0.00 when the bag shipped, but Im sure that if I have been lucky enough to get free shipping, UPS will rob me of my cash when it comes to customs charges.
  5. Hehe, you're sweet...but somedays, I swear I do 5 stupid things before breakfast!
    UPS is pure evil:tdown: Much as it pains me, I've stopped ordering from companies that only ship via UPS (I also always write to the company and tell them why I'm not ordering from them). It's killing me because there are some boots I want at but not only do they use UPS but they also charge insane shipping prices (like $50.00 for an order of less than $100.00!!!). The good news is that I have spoken with them and they are working on changing their shipping system for international orders and NOT using UPS! Hopefully it will be in place soon:yes:
    May the international shipping gods smile on you:smile: