Insuring your Coach purses.....

  1. Thanks to a nice tax return and extra money from my husband's:love: recent deployment to the middle east....I have been splurging on Coach bags:yes: :shame:

    Im getting a nice little collection, and will OF COURSE always add to it:drool:

    Do you insure your collection? And if so, what do you do when you add to it. Do you have to update your insurance? How does this work?

  2. Mine are just covered under my regular homeowner's insurance - as is anything in my home in the event that its lost, stolen, etc. Other than that, Coach really does stand behind their product so I don't see why I would need anything extra.

    HTH! :~)

  3. I live on a military base and have renters insurance. I wasnt sure if it covered a handbag collection or not. I will contact them. Im more worried about "theft" or "fire" or something like that. Not the quality of the bag :smile:
  4. I asked about this because of my extensive collection....they told me its covered under my homeowners. I do keep a spreadsheet with a list of everything including serial numbers and what I paid for them...and I make sure I keep it on a computer away from my house.....and I keep pics of my collection also as "proof" of how much I have.

    I also do the same for my various collectibles and DVDs.
  5. Thanks!!! I will do the same now!
  6. same spreadsheet is organized based on designer, then item, i.e., bags, walllets/small goods, and then i have one for jewelry...i have all my receipts saved in my safe.
  7. yup, all that was said above should be done. insurance will ask for price/value, proof of ownership (i.e. a receipt), and pictures are always good to take.
  8. Same here:yes:
  9. I have to ask my parents to look into this. I have too much to lose.
  10. i have all my pictures on photobucket (which i NEED to update) and keep all proof of purchases in a safe deposit box (including original tags)
  11. great ideas! thanks yall!
  12. My parents keep telling me to get renters insurance, maybe I should. I'd hate to see something happen to my bags (or my books and movies).
  13. I used an Excel spreadsheet, digi cam, laptop, hard drive, and printed out a hard copy of my collection.

    Sigh. I miss my collection ever since I went to college.
  14. It is a must, I know of someone that lost everything to a fire, that was not started in my friends apt, but down the hall, no renters ins. no nothing. The owner of the apt are not responsible. She lost all her clothes, bags, huge collection of designer shoes etc.
  15. OT, but should DEFINITELY get renters insurance....if you add up the value of even your clothes you'll be shocked....never mind shoes, purses, books, dvds, etc.