Insurance went downnn!

  1. ok so i've never paid my insurance (car) by myself in my life!

    i got my bill today (due in june) the second one i'll have to pay by myself and it's $83.50 LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS than last time! YAYAYAYAYAY!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    sorry, i love you guys so i figured i'd share ;) hehe

  2. aaaahhh!! great news!!! woohoo!!! :yahoo: :woohoo:
  3. :yahoo: is right! lol thats 80 more bucks towards my next BAAAAG PURCHAAASE (or my rent! lol!)
  4. $83!!!!! :wtf:

    I'm movin' to MAINE!!!

    Don't move to MI... the insurance here SUCKS.... come to think of it, so do the DMV fees...

    (They expire your plates on your birthday, so ALL OF YOUR REGISTRATIONS are due in you BIRTHDAY month!!! WHAT A GIFT!!! Crazy. Also... if you move to the state in say DEC, and your birthday is in say JULY... you have to pay the FULL REG twice that year... Stupid, stupid state.)
  5. YAY more money for bags!!

    Is that not typical for US'?
    UK car insurance goes down every year unless you have an accident or upgrade your car
  6. Apparently in every state but MICHIGAN!!! ARGH!!! :cursing:

    (LOL... we just moved here... can ya tell?? ;) )
  7. Well honestly i dont' even know what the norm is LOL this is the first time ANY bill of mine has GONE DOWN like that (usually bills are on the up and up ya know ;) hehe)

    i'm super excited. and i JUST made a deal for my next bag purchase (that will be in like June) but YAY anyway!
  8. Wow, your car insurance bill is very cheap!!! Lucky you!!! Could save some more for a bag!!!:party:
  9. mine is for 6 months. geico.

    last time i paid $386.90. now it's $303.40....

  10. Oh, mine is much cheaper. $38 per month. Travellers. But i've got a really old and crappy car.
  11. i drive a 96 plymouth breeze that is like crapping the bed right now, but i also have a HAINUS speeding history and got my lisence suspended once b4 sooooo i'm super duper thrilled with this price drop ;) hehe
  12. I have a clean record and my insurance keeps going up. I think it's at least twice yours.
  13. :wtf: What Do You Drive Omfg....:wtf:
  14. You don't how expensive it is to insure your children in California. When my DD went to college and didn't need the coverage, we got almost $3000 back for credit. This fall, we'll cancel the coverage for my DD and DS. Yay!!!!
  15. my mother pays out the YING YANG from what she tells me. when my little brother is on her insurance... she's like :wtf: at all times lol (she lives in CT)