Insurance prices?

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  1. Just sold a bag and shipping to Denmark. I estimated shipping $40 but now what about insurance? What is an average price to ship handbag? I will be shipping out in a pretty good size box. At the post office do I just tell person how much bag is worth and then they let you know? Bag sold for $700
  2. The post office will tell you. You have to write the bags value on the customs form and tell them you want to insure it for that much. I just insured a bag yesterday for 299.99 and the ins was $2.10 so really its not expensive and WORTH IT!
  3. Do you think the $40 will be enough to handle the insurance? I would think it would be or I really don't mind paying some out of my winnings as long as its not too much
  4. Insurance will be $8.20 for a $700.00 bag.