1. How do you respond to these little insults people (relatives) give you. Like" oh, what happened to your hair" when you just colored or cut it. My one friend has some toxic relatives who do this to her and she seems to have to justify what she did. I sit there and wish I could tell them a thing or two but it is not my place. I wonder if there are some great comebacks she can say if she has the nerve to do it.:amazed:
  2. Most people insult others to try and gain some kind of control, or to
    get a reaction. Don't give them what they want, I would simply reply:
    "Don't you just love it, I've been getting compliments all day, you should try something new with your hair too it would really update your
    look" :smile:
  3. Oh,Chloe231, that's good!
  4. Oh nothing irritates me more when someone pulls sh** like this! I have some very passive/agressive family members who say mean crap all the time.

    There is one aunt in particular who never has anything nice to say. Finally, after years of trying to be courteous and respectful, I said screw it. When she said "Oh I didn't even recognize you. You have really put on some weight." I retorted with "Gosh Helen, you haven't changed a bit. Still mean and nasty, aren't you?" She has never said anything critical about me since.

    I also reply with something like "Don't you just love it?" or "Isn't it great?" if someone tries to get nasty. I try to turn it into a positive and if they are just bound and determined to stay negative I reply with "well, I guess we are all entitled to our opinions, aren't we?"

    My biggest problem is that I seem to get *****ier and *****ier all the time and I have a difficult time holding my tongue if someone basically "calls me out" on something!:shame:
  5. My mom hates my hair, when I have it "sticking up all over the place", and I always just say "Good thing it's on my head, then, and not yours huh?"

    I had a little old man sit down at my table and tell me " look like you woke up scared!" I just smiled, dealt him a blackjack and said "Betcha like my hair now!"

    I think the main thing is to NOT let anyone know it bothers you, but make sure they know it's rude. I've always been a firm believer of to each his own, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, etc.