Insulted because I have LV's

  1. Today on the bus, i was carrying my mini lin speedy (first LV bought saturday) and a brown paper LV bag (because i went back to LV store today to buy a damier pochette and a damier pochette cles... YES i really needed a smaller bag !!! :yahoo:)

    And there was a woman with her mother saying on my back : "look at this b*tch with her sunnies and their LV's bag, how can u spend so much money for a bag ?? It's exactly the same quality as a fake. I know a boutique who sells really good fake for €50. What an idiot she is".

    She said exactly that...

    I didn't say a word and step down of the bus...

    I don't feel angry i'm just SO sad and i don't know why because i'm not the kind of girl who cares about what people think most of the time and i'm proud of my bags... i work hard and save a lot to buy these beauties.

    Just wanted to share with you :sad:
  2. That is so rude! I am absolutely shocked! Do these people have no inner monologue?!

    Don't be sad, be happy with your purchases... Every person has something that they splurge on, for my boyfriend it's stuff for his car, for me it's clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc... It's your money so you can spend it however you desire!

    Next time you should respond, "How can YOU call someone names and insult them without even knowing them - how TRASHY are you?!"
  3. as long as you love your bag dont pay any attention to the jealous people or people who dont understand the quality of luxury goods
  4. first...CONGRATS on your purchases!!!!!!!!!!

    awww im sorry to hear how rude people can be.....people like that are just did the right thing by ignoring them.

    theres no reason to let people who feel the need to say things like that ruin our day or what we love!!
  5. Oh my god! That's very rude! I think you should just forget about what she said.

    By the way, congrats on your new purchase!
  6. That is so rude! I bet the lady's just jealous because while you are carrying authentic luxury, she can only get a cheap knock-off.

    Forget what she wasn't even true, either. Fakes will fall apart in a week while the real deal will last a lifetime with good care...

    Everyone has a different passion that they just HAVE to splurge on... so what if yours is bags? You work hard to earn the money for them, so you deserve it!

    Congrats on the new purchases...I love Damier! :love:
  7. aw, i'm sorry you had to hear her say that. sometimes peoples audacity really amazes me...but what she said would totally make me cry if i were you!

    but YOU know the quality of your bags is far superior. so while she while buy tons of fakes for lots of money, you have gone straight to buying the real deal that will last forever. that alone should make you feel better.

    it'll be okay- and congrats on your purchases!
  8. Thanks to all of you, i'm feeling better :p

    The good thing is my b/f who saw me really sad when i went back home didn't say a word about my new purchases (i tried the " 1 item free for 1 item bought today " but it didn't work :graucho:)
  9. ^haha. i've used that one before. i could've told you it doesn't work! (but if you're dealing with clueless parents or so's, the "lv had a HUGE sale!" line works well)
  10. I'm sorry. Some people are just rude (and obviously jealous). Congrats on your great purchases....
  11. That was very rude of her! Im really glad you keep strong! Hope things like this never happen to you again!
  12. At one point a few years back, my ex fiance told his mom that my bag cost $400, with me standing there. She gave me this look and exclaimed, "Don't you have anything better to spend your money on?" and then his sister in law chimed in with, "Yeah my purse was $12!"

    Meanwhile he had two computers, each worth about $1000. Talk about hypocrisy!
  13. That is just beyond rude!!!!! People have said things like this to me before and I just shrug my shoulders and walk away!
    People just have no manners nowadays!
  14. Congrats on your purchases and ignore the negative vibes coming off these people. They were totally rude and you should be proud of your hard work, don't ever second guess that because of some jerk on the bus! BTW, I have nothing against the bus!
  15. :cursing: First off WE all know it's not the same quality. Ugh that chaps my hide. Fakes are just that, FAKES! Girl you carry that LV with pride! It's an awesome bag! Next time just knock her out with it!:boxing: