Insulated Lunch Bags - Susan G Komen

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  1. Insulated Designer Lunch bags in fun colors/prints!

    Only $9.95 each and $5 goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure :tup:

    I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I bought 3 and will use one and give 2 away as gifts. :heart:
  2. These are too cute - and the look like they are the perfect size cooler for your lunch! Great find!!

    I ordered a few (hopefully keep one and give the rest as gifts). I just hope they come in time for the holidays - it says they will ship in 8-10 weeks!!!
  3. Hi, I just want to bump this up so everyone knows it happens again this year. $9.95 a bag and $5 from the purchase of every bag will be donated to Susan G. Koman for the Cure.
    Here is the link:
  4. Thanks for posting it! I've been waiting for it since I missed it last year.
  5. too bad they don't accept credit cards issued outside US. i'll email them and see what happens
  6. Thanks for posting! I just ordered one for myself, and one for my mom.
  7. i like this years colors! thx for posting the 2008 link :smile:

    i just got the pink zebra and the pink swirl..

    they ship free, too!

    They do take 8-10 weeks to arrive so they would be great for xmas stocking stuffers!!!
  8. Do they happen to zip at the top? I can't tell from the picture. Cute though.
  9. Yes, they zip. Here is the description of the pink zebra...

    Pink Zebra

    • Approximate measurement of lunch bag is 7.25” wide at the bottom, 14.25” wide at the top, and 8” deep. The handles are 6” in length.
    • Fits any LEAN CUISINE<SUP>®</SUP> entrée (including CASUAL EATING&#8482; items) and additional lunch items
    • Silver lined insulated interior
    • Pink microfiber zebra design stitched on top of white &#8220;patent-leather type&#8221; (PVC polyester material) as shown on bag image
    • Zipper closure
  10. Very cute and such a good cause! I ordered the zebra.
    Thanks for posting!
  11. look at the details, it says "zip closure". But I'm having trouble finishing the order process, it kept saying "email exists" when I try to sign in, can't go any furthur.... anyone else had this problem?
    I really like the design. thank you for posting.
  12. Oh, I got it now! Thanks!! Can't wait to get it! From the dimensions, looks pretty big, probably good for a picnic too!
  13. They had my email from years ago. I got the same message and they sent me my password. I was fine after that. Maybe you signed up for something that was related to their company?
  14. ^^^ Exactly what I was going to say. I don't remember signing with them except for the last time I did the Race for the Cure....which was YEARS ago. I'm surprised they still had my e-mail address!

    Can't wait to get the bag. I may even order a few more for office gifts.

    Thanks for bumping this back to the top! :smile::smile::smile:
  15. I love the fact that the tax and shipping is included for 9.95!