Insufficient customer service in LV Greece...


wants to travel away
Oct 9, 2006
I don't want to say bad customer service, 'coz I refuse to accept it.
Yesterday I ordered my agenda refills, so they should be here by morning.When I phoned the courier service they said nothing had come. So, I called back in the central courier service office and they said that LV had done a mistake and sent my parcel to another city, but to a road with the same name as mine's!!!:wtf:
So, I guess I'm gonna have to wait untill tommorow...:tdown:
And I was so excited I stayed home all day to wait for my parcel...
Jan 19, 2007
I am sorry that happened to you! I hope you get an VIP gift, but I wouldn't count on it as they sent my Cerise Sac Plat to the wrong address and my neighbor delivered the bag to me 2 days later! LV thought it was lost, it was a total mess. They were very apologetic but offered no such gift. But I have seen others on tpf get VIP gifts so I hope you get one too!