InStyle's pick for "Best Dress"???? Opinions please!

  1. Just came across this pic of Kate Bosworth in the current issue of InStyle Magazine. This is their pick for "Best Dress".

    Any opinions out there?

    Personally, I think Hollywood (young Hollywood, specifically) has really lost their sense of style. The only benefit in this dress for poor Kate is that it hides her figure. Other than that, she looks like she belongs on an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" - and they dressed better than this.

    Am I the only one that thinks InStyle editors are off their rockers?:wtf:

  2. "Am I the only one that thinks InStyle editors are off their rockers?:wtf: "


    Nah, I agree that the dress is not flattering (too loose IMO),but Kate sure is pretty, as always. :love:
  3. Definitely agree with the two of you about the dress. It looks like a black potato sack on Kate. Totally not flattering at all! :yucky:
  4. They're just trying to promote the new trapeze/tent shape.

    Not my favorite look on her ... but I see lots of junior editors wearing this sort of thing in NY.

    Fashion runs in small circles in NY....
  5. oh, i never been a fans of in style magazine :P
    what i think about hollywood is, it was supposed to be the best stylist not the best celebrity as most of them had their own stylist who do all the work and picking for them though.
  6. me no likey.:yucky:
  7. I like Lanvin, but the dress is ok. A lot of designers this past season seemed influenced by Balenciaga shapes, but it looks hard to pull off. At least Kate tried!
  8. Yeah, I have this issue and have to be honest. When I saw that I actually made a face! :yucky:
    And, I have to add that I just caught the cover of my moms people mag with her aand some other twiggs on the front. She's in that white sateen dress which is like a size -2 and is still falling off her! :throwup:

    I mean, she isn't even admitting to having a problem, just like Nicole Richie! It's just really horrible. They both look horrible, they don't even fit into kids clothes. And, they don't even try to hide it. It's almost as if they flaunt it a lot of times! I think it's sickening, really. I don't have kids yet, but hopefully I will soon. And, I have to say that I am worried. Not just for my own, but other peoples kids. I mean, these girls are rolemodels whether they like it or not. Whether they want to be or not. That's part of being in that industry! Now, I don't think it's right for the paparazzi to be getting all in their faces all the time, and splashing their bodies on the covers of mags every single week either. But, I mean, come on! In all the recent pics you can see their breast bones and sternum (which is the bone in btw the breasts) :yucky: All of their ribs, their arms and legs look like tooth picks, literally! They are wasting away to nothing!
    Acctually, I saw that on Sunday there is a true hollywood story on E! about this. It looks good. Real women that have gone through this, and have gotten out alive, or at least most of them.

    Sorry for the rant ladies :smile: I just went on & on there :smile:
  9. The scary thing is that anorexics like Kate & Nicole still look in the mirror and see a "fat" person. Poor Nicole is just skeletal. I can't believe her family isn't trying to intervene, instead of saying everything's fine.