InStyle Magazine - The Sexy Poll '06

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    (source: InStyle September 2006 US Edition)
    477 The Sexy Poll Your picks for Hollywood's hottest.

    The Sexy Poll
    One U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. Two TV docs. Three victories for Clay! And four double winners. Welcome to our nine annual sexy survey, where you tell us who in Hollywood floats your boat

    Angelina Jolie
    The champ in '05, she comes out on top again this go-around (why are we not surprised?). And get ready - if you turn the page, you'll see Angie has cut a sultry swath across this story.

    George Clooney
    He's no stranger in these parts - he also scored last year for actor over 40 - but this is his first win as sexiest leading man. Even better than getting that Oscar, right, George?

    Nicole Kidman
    Keith Urban loves her, as do you - Aussie Kidman also conquered here last year. She has five upcoming films, so you're sure to get your Nic fix well into the future.

    Orlando Bloom
    In '05 this favorite son of Canterbury, England, won this category narrowly. Not so after his monster Pirates of the Caribbean sequel - we're talking landslide.

    Faith Hill
    Apparently you've gotta have Faith. The blond half of country music's sexiest twosome (with Tim McGraw) beat out the previous winner, Beyonce (see right).

    Your '04 and '05 pick, Beyonce, was topped this year by Faith Hill, but the contest was so tight (how tight? thistight), we'll give props to Jay-Z's special friend. We don't know about you, but we're already lining up for Dreamgirls.

    Jake Gyllenhaal
    Look to your upper right, and you'll see that Jake won another category with his big sister. Just 25, already an Oscar nominee and family oriented - yeah, he sexy to us too.

    Rachel McAdams
    Maybe you find versatily sexy - Rachel starred in that ultimate tearjerker The Notebook as well as the zaniest comedy of 2005, Wedding Crashers. That, or you're just slayed by her killer eyes and smile.

    Teri Hatcher
    Why does 40 need to be the new anything? You say Teri, 41, is hot enough to win her one but two categories.

    Patrick Dempsey
    Last year the Grey's Anatomy hunk tied in this race, but this year it's all his. (Why don't we ever get a doc this foxy when we land in the hospital?)

    Zach Braff
    If your records are correct, this is Zach's poll debut. You guys know that Scrubs premiered in '01, right? Were you just making him earn it? Nice.

    Debra Messing
    It's hard to believe that Will & Grace is no more - especially when Debra keeps winning this category (as she did last year). Look, we know saying goodbye is hard, so there's always Lucky You, opening in movie theatres on September 8.

    Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal
    She's engaged to Peter Sarsgaard. He has been linked to some of the world's most famous actresses. So is it any wonder that, after placing third in '04, Maggie and Jake now claim the top spot?

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
    He's a four time winner for sexiest leading man ('99, '02, '03', '05). She's won sexiest leading lady twice ('05, '06). And thanks to the stalkerazzi, we know nearly every move they make, from the philanthropic to the mundane. Who says familiarity breeds contempt?

    Anderson Cooper
    We'll try not to obsess over the fact that if you turn 360 degrees, you're in the same spot. Hey, if A.C. is there too, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

    Tiger Woods
    Last year the gold great tied in this sport category with soccer's David Beckham, but '06 is the year of the Tiger - if not on the green, then without question in our hearts.

    Clay Aiken
    Who doesn't have baggage? We'll just say this: It's his third consecutive win, and, no, our servers weren't hacked by "Clayheads." Not to mention you voted after that hairstyle!

    Maroon 5
    They won this category last year, and proved to be your favorites again. We're dying for the new album, guys, so until then, we'll keep enjoying our sexy Songs About Jane CD.

    Who (or What) Is Sexier?
    In our this-vs.-that sizzle showdown, the winner is in red, of course!

    Sienna Miller vs. her on-again, off-again beau Jude Law

    Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey as a couple vs. Jessica and Nick as singletons

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban vs. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

    George Clooney vs. his rumored one time paramour Teri Hatcher

    Lindsay Lohan vs. sometime rival Paris Hilton

    Dancing with the Stars vs. Skating with Celebrities