Instyle Magazine - Is that Hermes???

  1. On page 248 there is a picture of Janet Jackson with a suede Birkin (according to the magazine). I may be naive but I didn't think they came in suede. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. yes, they do.
    suede birkin.jpg

  3. Ohhh, that suede is amazing!!!!
  4. I've never seen one. Are they difficult to come by or maybe just higher maintenance?
  5. Not sure if they are difficult to come by, but definitely very high maintenance. A lot of babying needs to happen, I think.

    Nothing beats a full leather Birkin, IMO. :yes:
  6. Anyone know what color that gorgeous suede birkin is? Even though suede is really high maintenance, I'd kill for that birkin.
  7. Hmmmm. Beautiful!!! I've been dreaming of a JPG in that color of suede. Seen any pic's like that?
  8. I have not seen the pic, but if it is the one I am thinking that I saw way back...we had some talks about it here on the forum. Quite interesting info. that is.
  9. i agree with mrs s
    so much maintenance! i try staying away from buying anything suede in general. rain with absolutely kill it. a spill. anything. i bought a chocolate covered strawberry in a pastry shoppe a while ago and a little of the strawberry juice dribbled onto my Birkin. can you imagine if it had been suede?? YIKES.
    they are so beautiful to look at, though.
  10. But what color is it?
  11. ^^it might be etoupe in suede- correct me if i'm wrong?
  12. The Birkin looks beautiful. I just don't know if I would have the energy to baby her as much as she deserves.
    I thought that white leather was work!
  13. Did you see that the model was wearing white gloves? OMG - that would be us with our suede H bags! :p

    But it is a little slice of heaven, isn't it? Soooo pretty!