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  1. My subscription ended. I signed up with Publisher's Clearing House for the renewal, it was much cheaper than the rates on the flyer in the mags were. But I just found that envelope under my bed....

    oops, I guess it never went out and now the offer has expired.

    And so has my current subscription!

    Does anyone know of any good deals on renewing InStyle? A few years ago when I did renew it, it was buy one get one free so my cousin and I split it. Heard of anything? Or do I just need to pay the fee in the mag?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. try eBay.. they sell subscriptions for cheap and mine have always come through...

  3. Wow! never knew I could use eBay for that! Thanks! I will do it now! :smile:
  4. I usually do it thru instyle directly, cost a little more, i think. However, when my subscribtion ended, i tried I paid for it 6 months ago and haven't received 1 single issue. ($15 for 1 year). They don't even response to my email. So stay away from that site.
    Now, i just buy it on the newstands.
  5. Are you college age? I know several magazine companies that sell to college students at a highly reduced rate. They even sell to any type of educators. Instyle is a pricier mag, but using these co.'s still save you money. Do a search you will find one.
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