Instyle July 2007......anyone have that issue....NEED HELP!!

  1. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. I was at a hair appt. the other day and was looking at the July 2007 issue of Instyle, I think Catherine Zeta Jones was on the cover. Anyway in the mag. there was a gift section and they had these sea urchin small appetizer plates that I wanted to order for a friends b-day. I wrote down the info but lost it :crybaby:.

    Can someone please help!! If you have the magazine, would you please send me the name of the maker, and phone number?? PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP:cutesy::tender:
  2. i have it at home and will def. post tom. morning when i have access to my computer again:smile:
  3. Got it! Be glad that I'm such a magazine whore :p

    I'm hoping that this is the right one.. it's a retangular white plate with 2 sea urchins on each plate? Am I right?

    Tozai Home 9' trays, $47/3; 800-896-7266
  4. vintagelove: Thank you!! :smile:

    Liz_X3: THANK YOU!! Yes those are the plates. *HUGS*
  5. ^i'm so glad you got your info! i just came on to post, but liz beat me:graucho:

    much :heart: to my fellow magazines whores:p