Instructions to Patina faster and treat leather?

  1. I've looked, maybe I'm not searching right. I was told there are tricks to get the patina to darken quicker. My Alma is in the orangey stage and it's hiddeous! I was told this morning it looks fake and I almost died. I treated it with Wilson's and have been putting it in a sunny window, turning it, etc but it doesn't look any different and I'm impatient...any suggestions? Also, once it has been treated with one product, can you treat it with something else to maybe help it along. I'm a little ignorant to this whole thing and need HELP! Thanks! :shame:
  2. Who told you it looked fake?? That was rude!

    I think the absolute best thing you can do is use it daily.

    It takes time.
  3. That was RUDE!
  4. Yeah...try Saddlesoap.
    It's a leather cleaner and it darkens the leather.
    That should do the trick.
  5. Don't do anything to it! Let it patina naturally. I had a post a few weeks ago about when I put olive oil on the handles because it supposedly made it patina faster. Mistake! You will ruin your purse!