Instead of the Tahitiennes, I got these instead!(Look!!! Lots of pics!!!)

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  1. I was going to get the Tahitiennes but eventually decided against it. It's very pretty but just not for me. Other than the Aquarelle bandeau which is for my little girl, the rest are all mine. Even got my first LV pumps! Need to learn how to walk on them since I have an ankle injury. Guess now is the right time for me to do it:tup:. It's been almost 4 yrs since I wore anything with heels.

    I've been down lately and just felt like I needed to cheer myself up with a dose of LV. I'm pretty sure that you all understand what I'm talking about:graucho:. Without further ado, here they are....

    Trolley 50 Bosphore
    Tulip Thong in mocha
    Aquarelle bandeau
    Suhali Erika Pumps in mocha
    Vernis Pomme D'amour Heart coin purse
    Damier Passport Holder
    Richard Prince bandana

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  2. Awesome stash!:smile: Congrats!
  3. Ooh, the Suhali pumps are fabulous. Congrats!
  4. Love everything! Can't believe you managed to find a pomme heart!
  5. the last pic's a gift my SA gave me last Friday:yahoo:. Smells heavenly!!!

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  6. Everything is just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. What a great everything and the gift is super cute.
  8. Wow! Everything is absolutly fabulous!!! Great choice!:drool:
  9. Great haul!!

    I was just looking at those flip flops online the other day. They are adorable!

  10. Congrats, awesome haul! The pumps are stunning and so is the Coeur. love the Aquarelle bandeau too! :heart:
  11. Fabulous haul! Especially LOVE the pumps! :love: Hope you feel heaps better and all the best to you :heart:
  12. Now that is what I call a shopping trip! Congrats on all of your great purchases!!
  13. Congrats! Hope you feeling better:flowers:
    Those pumps are TDF!
  14. Congrats! Now that's what's called a fabulous shopping spree! :tup:
  15. Wow, congrats! Bet that made you feel better :nuts: