Instead of the Hamilton, how about????

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  1. So, instead of me buying a Luggage N/S Hamilton, just b/c I got the black @ the MK Boutique while they're 25% off...

    What about the Large Dressy or the Jet Set Travel Large Satchel in Luggage instead?:graucho:

    Which would be better? More functional? Hmmmm... :hbeat::nuts::drool:

  2. I have a large Jet Set in luggage (I've been meaning to post pictures of it!) I've been carrying it for two weeks now and I absolutely love it. It's large and roomy but I don't think it is so big that you'll lose your stuff. I also have a Hamilton - it's not a N/S but it's one in alligator print. I carried it for a few months and I was highly disappointed. The color has rubbed off and MK won't do anything about it since it's over a year old. I felt like the Hamilton was just too big for me.
  3. Yes, I agree that the n/s Hamilton seems too big for everyday use. However, I love everything about the Dressy. I would definitely get it in luggage...... :smile:
  4. I have the large jet set travel satchel in Luggage, but I haven't worn it out yet. The structure is basically the same size as the Selma, but has a little more room to store stuff. I plan on posting pics of my satchels and Selmas this weekend.

    I love the look of the large satchel, so I vote for that.