instead of making money in vegas, i SPENT IT!! hehe :)

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  1. Im not sure if any of u noticed my post on the LV forum, but i wanted to share my new gucci goodies here!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hat, its sooo cute and looks AWESOME on!!! and my braclet is just HOT, its sort of a friendship braclet my best bud and i got for each other hehe!
    DSC01857.JPG DSC01867.JPG DSC01872.JPG DSC01874.JPG DSC01875.JPG
  2. and a few more pics of my new "study hat" haha that im going to use for 'library' days! haha
    DSC01880.JPG DSC01879.JPG DSC01878.JPG DSC01875.JPG DSC01883.JPG
  3. and i had to take a pic of the boxes...

    the first one is the new box/pouch...and the second one is the old one! its so weird, i LOVE the old box, but i LOVE the new pouch!! haha....but i love the little ribbon thingy in the new boxes...what do u guys think? and as always, i wont bore u with all the other purchases hha if u care enough to see it, they are all listed in the lv forum! :smile:
    DSC01868.JPG DSC01869.JPG
  4. i love the cap! how much was it? you're going to look adorable at the library :supacool:
  5. Congrats!
  6. I love those bracelets! Congrats!
  7. congrats!!!
  8. Congrats! I love your new hat. It is so cute.
  9. That cap is ADORABLE!!:love: I have never seen anything like it from Gucci, that's why to me it is always good to go to the stores because they have so much more there that you probably won't find anywhere else, especially here in Vegas!
  10. Very nice! I could never pull off a hat, glad you can! The bracelet is gorgeous...
  11. The hat is very cute. I wish I could wear a style like that. Enjoy all of your purchases.
  12. I love that hat and I would love to know how much it is as well...we are going to Vegas in September.
  13. THANKS GUYS!!! the hat was $260, i attached a pic of the tag incase anyone wants to inquire about it!! i LOVE shopping in vegas! Like bagologist said, you can find the MOST unique items there!!! if i were you, id be shopping 24/7 haha!
  14. awww im so jealous!!! If u dont mind a couple tips i thought were helpful for managing shopping in vegas (especially if ur gonna go crazy like i did haha) -- figure out how much you want to spend, and take cash with you, that way you WILL stay on budget. I thought this one was stupid when my mom handed me all that cash i freaked out! i was liek i dont want to be walkign around with a little over $2000 in cash!!!! but it kept me SPOT on budget! (only like 100 over, that i borrowed from the bf, but i made it back playing blackjack hehe) if i had a credit card/my debt WHO KNOWS how much i woulda spent! haha

    second, make sure u have a mini shopping list, i only had 5 hours to shop so i knew what shops i wanted to go to and avoided the rest!

    and lastly ASK for the hat was NOT displayed, i was looking at the one that was (the reg baseball cap) and asked her for others and shes like ohhh we have blah blah blah, and went to the back to get it! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! it looks SO hot on! im such a hat person!! seriously though, the things PERFECT! not too sporty like a baseball cap, but not to blah like a fishermans cap...PERFECTION!

    have funnnnnnnn im so jealous of u, i wish u could stow me away in ur bags ;) hehe
  15. Thanks for the good tips! I really love that hat...we'll have a couple days to shop, so I'm hoping to do some damage :nuts: