Instead of getting two purses today...

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  1. I got a new piano instead! I was so excited to have finally found a grand piano that I actually like that doesn't cost as much as a house! I'll probably take some pics once it's all nice and settled in, but this is it:


    :love: It sounds amazing! And as much as I love purses, I must say I love the piano much much more.
  2. hey, that's awesome. I love to play piano when the mood strikes. congratulations on your new beauty, have fun moving it in! haha.
  3. Its soooo pretty. I dont play but it has always been a dream. Contrats on your new beauty!
  4. Congrats!! The piano is probably a better investment for you.
  5. that's a great investment......i've had a steinway grand since i was 5 and i know it'll stay with me for my whole life......
  6. Oh wow! Congrats.
  7. omg that's beautiful...i really want to get a piano...i want to start my daughter on lessons next year, and I would love to get back to playing. I haven't played in years. This is probably the ONLY time I'll ever say this, but that's WAY better than getting purses!!!
  8. Wow !!! I love it.
  9. That is so great ! I play as well and a piano means everything to me, its an instrument, piece of furniture, investment, entertainment, education, etc. etc. can't say that about too many things other than a great instrument :smile: I'm very happy for you!
  10. Hooray, that's a much better investment! I love playing the piano too, it makes me so happy!
  11. Wow, Congrats! Very jealous, I wish I had simple "A" piano, upright or digital for that matter. I agree, it's better than 2 purses. Well done!
  12. Wow, congratulations! I hope you enjoy the heck out of it. Nothing feels better than the vibration of a grand underneath your fingertips.

    I was spoiled by my university's Steinways, but I always come back to my Yamaha Conservatory Grand at my parents' home. :smile:
  13. Oh that's gorgeous! My mother offered me her baby grand when she moved, and although I had room for it, my husband was reluctant :sad:

    I will be working on him gently over the next few years until we get our own.
  14. wow, i would love a grand piano. i haven't played it in sooo long though. congrats! i'm sure it's a beauty. better than bags for sure!
  15. Nice! I should really practice more, I've been lazy in the piano dept lately :sad:
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