Instead of getting a mirage speedy I got a root canal

  1. Groan...
    I'm 37 and I got my first cavity EVER last December. The dentist told me it was a nasty one and the filing might not do the trick and a root canal might be necessary at some point. I am out of town on business and was suddenly in a lot of pain so I was refered to a dentist. I ended up having to get a root canal. They did it immedietly and the cost was just over $1600.00. My parents told me I was charged way too much but I wasn't in a position to bargin shop.

    I am home eating soup and suddently realized there went my mirage speedy. :crybaby:

    I don't usually ask daddy for money but when I mentioned it to him he said to call him tomorrow and maybe he would pay for part (or possibly all of my dental bill).

    I guess I will just have to see what kind of shape I am in on Sept 15th. I will be sad if I have to pass on my mirage speedy but what can you do. I have been wanting a mono pochette and a ludlow wallet so if I can't get the mirage maybe I will sette for that...

    big bummer though...
  2. Aww I'm so sorry girl...I went through one and yeah, it was quite painful but after the operation it was well worth it.

    You are not covered under your company for dental care??
  3. So sorry to heat that.
  4. aww, i feel your pain - both your pains! I just had my wisdom tooth removed :sad:
  5. aww i'm sorry!! Hope you feel better very soon:balloon:!!!

    ---- and get the bag too!;)
  6. Sorry!!! I've had a few root canals...they're no fun! Hope you can still get your speedy!!!!
  7. Man that sucks! I got a cavity while I was pregnant and couldn't treat it for nearly 5 months, so when I gave birth I got to have a root canal a week later :tdown: Thank god we live 10 miles away from Mexico... the root canal and porcelain crown were about $400 all told vs $1400 in the US *with* insurance!

    ETA: And I'm only 25!
  8. Too bad about the Mirage.....
    Maybe your dad can get it for you as a "get well gift" ???
  9. I am so sorry to hear that! Darn it!
    I like that idea... Mirage Speedy as a get well gift!
  10. im sorry to hear about that...but isn't it a relief that the pain is gone?
    remember to take care of yourself first and foremost, you won't be able to enjoy life if you're in pain! lol
    i have had 2 root canals and i feel your pain and at those times i didn't care about anything else, i think i would've went nuts if i had to deal with the pain any longer. but hey if you wait any longer the nerve root would've died off and you would've probably lost your tooth! sorry too much info!
    i will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  11. :tdown: That is not fair!!!!!!! What a bummer. I really hope your dad helps you our so you can get your Mirage Speedy. Get well soon.
  12. Wow that sucks about the bill for the tooth! I thought I heard Mirage was going to be pushed out to October though. Maybe you still have time!
  13. Big Bummer...Rest up and get healthy!
  14. That is one sad story. It seems like everytime I visit the dentist they find something else that HAS to be done. "It may not bother you now", they say, "but in the future..." Don't they know they're taking my LV money? We all understand, handbag*girl. Take care.
  15. ugghhh....i feel ya...ive had one done before. sucked. i actually have a tooth that hurts a lot right now but i dont have dental insurance and they want like 2.5k up front, no financing or payment plans.