Instead of dark circles, I have red cirlces!

  1. Does anyone know how to get rid of red under eye circles? My eyes are very rarely ever a dark bluish purple. They are always red underneath, the same type red that you can usually find on the sides of your nose in the crease (if you get that)..I know some people have that. Im a red head so maybe my pigment is just different but I have never been able to diminish the red circles.
  2. I'm also a redhead and have the same rednessaround my eyes... It's because the skin is very sensitive and thin, I don't know if there's actually something we can do about it...
  3. That makes me feel a little better though...people keep suggesting maybe I have allergies and thats what makes it red under my eyes but I don't ever get allergies! How do you hide them? I try concealer but it seems the red always eventually shows through.
  4. concealer with a hint of green is supposed to help against redness.
  5. Yep!
    Green concealers will do the trick. Just like yellow concealers do the trick for dark eyes.
    Maybelline do a great foundation thats in like a lipstick style tube.

  6. I had redness at the sides of the nose and dark circles. I have allergies as well but not a redhead. I'm a guy. For about 3 weeks I've been using Lancome High Resolution Collaser 48 as well as their High Resolution Eye Cream with Fiberlastine.

    It has reduced the redness but I still have some dark circles. I apply them once a day (although per instructions supposed to be twice a day - once in am, again in pm). I have to admit I am a bit disappointed because each product was about $70. I've read elsewhere that Olay Definity Eye Illuminator works and I will try that later on.