Instead of a speedy .....

  1. thoughts ?

    Regular Batignolles [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. nice I like it:love:
  3. I think all the Batignolles are cute and they are very popular here at TPF but I always prefer a zip closure.

    As an alternative to a Speedy I would probably choose a regular Lockit if you are looking for a handheld. I would personally love a Lockit Horizontal without vachetta, is it too much to wish for an LH Damier or LH Mini Lin? :girlsigh:
  4. I really like it--it's a great handheld style!!
  5. love the bagnitolles! i wore my bh yesterday and just adore it
  6. Lockit H in Damier would be HOT!!!
    Even hotter then the mezzo in damier :yes:
  7. Thanks ladies..

  8. Damier Mezzo is my other wish...LOL!!! :drool:

    I just couldn't deal with the wait for a special order!!! :sweatdrop: :nuts:
  9. ^^ i hope to locate one on eBay :smile: .. if not i'll go for the saleya in MM
  10. I feel the exact same way.
  11. I like it.
  12. Yes. I agree with lvmhgirl about a Lockit. If you like that size, the regular Lockit is perfect--Speedy-like handles, zipper closure with lock, very lightweight and no one really has one. I have the Lockit and it holds quite a bit. I personally prefer it over the Batignolles, even with the vachetta bottom!!
  13. ^^ I have a lockit H already..
    Would prefer a bag without leather trim or bottom
  14. I have this one and speedy 30! I think regular batignolles is pretty same size with speedy25. If u r looking for more bigger bag I prefer to get speedy30 but if it doesnt matter I think this bag is really cute and roomy too get it u won't regret!!
  15. Hmm...I've nto really a fan of the batignolles...have you considered a trouville, instead?