Instead of a engagment ring with center diamond...a band??

  1. I was wondering....Does any one here have a band with diamonds instead of a traditional engagment ring with a center stone.

    I was looking at other options...I was thinking maybe a thick band with diamond work on it but not so much having a center stone.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I love the Tiffany Etoile bands. So chic and timeless!
  3. My co-worker's engagement ring is a band with diamonds. It's a platinum band, etched with flowers all the way around. In the middle of each flower is a diamond. It's perfect for her and really pretty IRL.
  4. ITA the Tiffany's Etoile is a gorgeous choice.

    I saw a gorgeous 4 carat diamond eternity band the other day when I was getting my ring cleaned as well.
  5. Congrats if you're recently engaged. I had an engagement ring, but I kept knocking it and was afraid I'd knock the diamond out of the setting so I'd decided to be a little different. I have a 1ct baguette band and I love it because it lies flat on the finger and the baguettes are horizontal. I always get compliments on it.
  6. Have you ever thought of a shared prong 1/2 way eternity band? You can get like .25 sized stones for a little more fire power. Then, if you choose another band for the wedding you can get a second one exactly the same and stack them. It will be super gorgeous and you won't have to worry as much as if you would when they are full eternity because the underneath is all metal. It really is a stunning look!

  7. That does sound droolworthy.
    I think a 1/2 way band sounds great and is certainly more comfortable to wear.
    And not to forget:

  8. I love the look of 5 stone bands where the diamonds are all the same size or the middle one is slightly larger. I'm getting one of these as my wedding band but I think it would look great as an e ring as well.
  9. this sounds amazing!!! i never thought about doing this! thanks!
  10. i love the idea of a band in lieu of a solitaire..i wish i'd done that.
  11. get something that will match or compliment your future wedding band, after all, you'll be wearing 2 bands eventually..
    I like your idea but it wouldn't work for me casue I'm planning to get diamonds on my wedding band and it would look too similar to my engagement ring..I like the center stone idea, but that's just me..

    CONGRATS btw!! and best wishes..
  12. love the band thingy! :tup:
  13. I love that idea! I like the bands that are curved, so they are like dome shaped on your finger covered in diamonds, yummy!
  14. this is what i have for a wedding band- i hardly wear my engagement ring these days b/c i'm whacking it into things or catching it on my baby. i LOVE my wedding ring, get compliments on it all the time- highly rec. this suggestion!
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    pics of your wedding band??!!