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  1. Hi, has anyone purchased from Instantluxe? I have just bought something but they only accept back transfer as I am not in France. They have good reviews but would like to hear if you have any experiences. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am bumping as I am worried about this site. I have purchased an item and they will only accept wire transfer. Shall I stay away?
  3. Are you referring to ?

    I have not used their site however it appears to be a consignment store and would recommend having any potential purchases authenticated online prior to purchase. The site does advertise Paypal as a payment option which is usually safe for the buyer.
  4. Yes thanks for the info. It does say they accept other forms of payment but once I got to checkout it only gave me wire transfer option. I called and they just kept saying its the only option. In addition, now have clicked purchase the pics have gone so I can't authenticate. I assumed it was ok as they claim to authenticate before shipping but I have read a couple of stories about fakes. Now I don't know what to do, love the bag but worried.
  5. Personally I would not proceed with the purchase given you are unable to get the bag authenticated and that they will only accept wire transfer. I do not understand why they advertise Paypal then not allow it, seems a little strange.

    I guess it depends on the amount of money you are willing to risk to see if the transaction goes smoothly.
  6. A listed an item on here which just sold - does anyone know how shipment works? Vestiaire Collective pay for shipping, you ring DHL and they pick it up but Instant Luxe is confusing. The email confirming the sale gives an address to send it to and says you have to send it insured etc but the FAQ on the site says Instant Luxe pays the shipping costs?
  7. Did you ever purchase from them after all? How was the transaction? I am thinking about purchasing a bag there. Can anyone please guide me or share what they know about this site?
  8. I bought a bag there on 8/8 and I hope that everything will be fine . I'll keep you posted