InstantLuxe reviews

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  1. Hi Girls
    Has anyone bought anything from the website
    The boyfriend is looking at a ring on there for me and i just wanted to know what you all thought about the website and if you've had any experience with them.
  2. I am thinking of buying from this website too. It would be great to hear some first hand experience. Anyone bought anything recently?
  3. A work colleague buys from here all the time but on my Iphone the website is persistently in French.

    There appears some nice stuff but im not sure about buying anything. Be similar to Vestiare Collective I would imagine.

    I'll quiz the girl at work and see what she says and report back.

  4. That's would be amazing Fiona. Thank you. Looking forward to the feedback. Many thanks.
  5. Hiya

    Right then, she sells on there as the commission is much less than Vestiaire and the prices are better than ebay.

    In addition she said they use professional authenticators who also provide a certificate but, this is at cost to the buyer and often included as a shipping fee at around €25.

    Delivery is also a lot longer than ebay as items need to be sent to France before they come to you.

    She has said there's pluses and minuses for all used sites.

    Buy through PayPal and stay protected.

    Hope that helps
  6. That's amazing to know. Thank you so much. It is much appreciated. I don't mind A long time. Sounds like a very good site.
  7. I can finally comment as had my first instant luxe purchase.

    Bought a bag on the site as good condition.

    Received by the site 3 days later and sent for authentication.

    5 days later marked as despatched

    Delivered next day

    Well packed and largely as described maybe a bit more used than I had hoped but still good.

    I would use them again if they had anything I wanted but postage is high and maybe items are a bit loosely described.

    Still better than Vestiaire where I have just read someone has just received a fake 🏻
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  8. What a great review! Thank you so much. I can't believe someone got a fake item surely they would have received a refund. Anyhoo. Thank you. I am going to pay closer attention now. They have so many bags! I am starting an obsession. The only thing hold me back is the £££££
  9. Hey hellojudy

    Me too with the bag obsession!

    You can always it's the link for any purchase in the forums here.

    The girls are great and respond really quickly.

    Check any pics carefully on all sites
  10. Hi, I rarely post here but wanted to share my experience purchasing a Celine bag for the first time from Instant Luxe.

    The purchase process was easy, and I paid via wire transfer with no problems.

    The shipping times were quite long. I placed the order on Nov 1, and the bag reached Instant Luxe from the seller on Nov 17, where it was authenticated by their staff. The bag was shipped to me on Nov 24, about 3 weeks after the order was placed. International shipping to Asia took 4 days via ChronoPost, which I previously had not heard of but was reliable and comparable to DHL.

    However, the bag's measurements did not match those described on the website, and I received a bag in a different size to that I was expecting.

    I wrote to Instant Luxe immediately requesting a return. They replied asking me to send the bag back to them within 7 days for inspection. Since normal registered airmail to Paris takes longer than 7 days, I decided to pay for DHL shipping for my return shipping. The bag reached Instant Luxe exactly within 7 days, on a Friday.

    I then received another email from Instant Luxe the following Monday, with the following message - "We want to inform you that your return will not be accepted anymore as we didn't received it. The seller is non professional so you had 7 days." I thought the tone of this email was quite rude, especially since I checked the DHL tracking and the parcel had been signed for.
    I emailed again and they soon apologized for the error. Soon, I received another email saying that I would be refunded.

    I requested that they refund my return shipping fees as well, since they had posted a wrong description and given me a very short deadline to return the item. However, their reply was "Unfortunately we can't refund you the shipping fees of your return" with no further explanation given. I have decided not to pursue this further as I'm just glad I am getting a refund.

    I think Instant Luxe provides authentic items for resale, but its drawbacks are:
    - Longer lengths of time needed for shipping, possibly depending on your seller's speed
    - Poor returns service and options

    I hope this helps! And yes I would definitely authenticate on the forums here before purchasing.
  11. Sorry that happened to you! I think that attitude presented in the email was not quite acceptable - and afterall the return has been initiated due to their error in measurements and not because you do not want it anymore..
  12. Hi there! I have just made my first purchase from instant luxe and am waiting for it to be received by instant luxe from the seller. Do you mind me asking if you live in the states? Seems like your shipping /delivery time was very quick compared to some of the reviews I've seen.