Instant small reveal from a huge shopping trip!!

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  1. My last purchase of the day. 3 pairs of Loub's, some SLG'S from LV, and this little something something from Gucci! Enjoy!
    image-1664845554.jpg image-1788146260.jpg image-1733866262.jpg
  2. Practical darling little card holder, congratulations :tup:
  3. I bought it on a whim because its so compact and holds so much! And the Guccisima is so rich and practical. Love :P
  4. I was looking at a similar gucci card case but the one I saw had a large key ring inside, which I dont think I'd use. I like yours better, did they have other colors?
  5. It does come in brown as well in the guccisima, and a few other different fabrics that are different colors. The one with the d ring is in micro guccisima and come in a few colors also, but like you said, I didnt think I would use the d ring. Defiantly a great product if your thinking about purchasing!
  6. Great purchase, I love the fact that it can hold so much!
  7. Very nice...use your card case in good health...
  8. The card case looks lovely! :smile:
    This question might be random. I see that your coins and cards are in two separate compartments. Does the coins ever end up in the other compartments? Or it just stays in the same one?
  9. There are three compartments inside, all leather, and they go from top to bottom, so whatever you put in each compartment stays. It fits an unbelievable amount, its just like a little half size zippy wallet I LOVE IT! And the guccisima is so rich and soft! Anyone interested call Sheryl 2395960675, she can get any color or fabric and get it to you quick! She is amazing!!
  10. Love it! The guccisima is always practical in my book!