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  1. So having fallen head over heels for the Alexa in December when I got my Foggy Grey, I've started to acquire quite the collection! I got my Plum in January and today I received my third Lexie - the absolutely scrumptious Oak Croc Embossed! This was an accidental eBay find, I wasn't specifically searching for it but when I saw her - as new as well - I decided she was going to be mine! The very kind seller agreed to wait almost a fortnight for payment as well, as this baby is my bonus payday treat!

    So here she is - introducing Croc Lexie!
    uploadfromtaptalk1395317035543.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1395317051089.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1395317067726.jpg
  2. beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Alexa is just about my favorite Mulberry style (regular size that is) & this is one of my top 5 colours / finishes .. so .. I'm almost as please about it as your must be !!! congrats on scooping a gorgeous bag (and for finding such a nice seller too) xx Holls
  4. Thank you! The leather is just to die for on this bag! My other two are soft buffalo so I knew I wanted something with some more structure for my next Lexie and I really wanted to bring an Oak to the collection but was put off the new polished buffalo by reports that it feels plasticky. This one appeared at the perfect time!
  5. Beautiful, congrats!
  6. Fab payday treat, a beautiful classic. Congrats :biggrin:
  7. Gorgeous
  8. Lovely Lexie :smile:
  9. Congrats!!:smile:
  10. Stunning :smile:) thanks for sharing
  11. Congrats bag twin
  12. It looks lovely, and its good to hear its leather is so nice, a lexi without the droop, well done
  13. Gosh!! I love this very much x