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  1. Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share this bag with you. Its so unique and I couldn't pass it up :smile:

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow this is beautiful! Congrats!
  3. :loveeyes: ahh.. gorgeous! i love it! congrats!
    is it a flap or woc? may i ask the price? tia!
  4. Very unique! Never seen it before in this color but love at first site! Congratulations!
  5. This is such a gorgeous bag; I saw it at the boutique and swooned over it! Congrats!!!

  6. It's not a classic nor a woc. It's more like a mini classic's 7200
  7. Congrats! I saw this in person and it's a beautiful bag!!!
  8. i couldn't tell from your pic what type of bag it is. mini size? $7200??? did you mean $2700? thanks.
  9. Congrats! It's so gorgeous, hope to see it in person >v< :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    Mod pics?
  10. It's one of the fashion bags this season. It is 7200! Yikes...I am crazy....
  11. It is so unique. Is it heavy with all the chain? Congratulations.
  12. No it's not heavy at all. But I got small size. They had bigger one as well
  13. Oh wow, panthere55...your new bag is just so AMAZING!!! What a darling little treasure you found, she is breathtaking!!! :smile:
  14. Congratulations on this amazing bag! It's gorgeous!

    I've seen it in the store before too but would never have guess the $7200 price tag. Wow!
  15. Beautiful bag!! Congratulations!!