Instant Reveal!!

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  1. Got my CL's today and they are pristine and fit like a glove! Super excited about them!! My only worry is that they will stretch with the leather! Does anyone own these and find them to have stretched since when you first got them? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393443941.517301.jpg
  2. LOVE the lady peep style - every time I see someone wearing it I drool!

    Patent leather will stretch less than kid leather, but it will stretch a bit.

    When they start to stretch a small heel grip or foot petal should sort any heel slippage IF you experience any!


  3. Thank u love! :smile:
  4. I have the Yellow lady Peeps, I havent found really any stretching as of yet...They are so tall, Im a giant in them but I couldnt pass them up haha

  5. They are just too sexy to pass up! Haha how many times have you worn them?
  6. Those are GORGEOUS! You will adore them-I myself don't have these but I have another pair of LP and the cut is so sexy it's literally insane. Great choice!! Congrats!

  7. Thank you lovely! :smile: I tried to walk on It on carpet and it seems nearly impossible bc it's so slippery!
  8. This is my next shoe but in Nude. I love them! Super classy!!

  9. I was contemplating on nude on this shoe also! Such a difficult decision!! Lol
  10. Pretty
  11. Wow, are these your first pair of CLs? They look awesome!
  12. LPs are my favorites! Congrats, doll.
  13. So gorgeous ! Congrats on your new shoes!

  14. Thanks everyone!!

    I did have a pair of decolettes a few years ago which were my first pair but they were just unbearably uncomfortable so I sold them. I haven't bought any CL's since so I guess you can say these are my first pair since it's been so long! :smile:
  15. I have worn them about 6-7 times now. I love them. I probably will never buy another pair of Lady Peeps though, only because I am so tall in them, more tall than I like to be. I wear them only under certain specifications lol