Instant Reveal

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  1. Hi everyone, I am a long time reader of the purse forum so I am excited to post my first reveal. I could not sleep, so I figured I would post my Valentines day present. I was waiting to post it because I am actually going to exchange it for a different color. Hopefully I do not sound too picky but I was really upset with the SA. Instead of finding a larger box, she decided to fold (and I mean fold) the bag to fit the box. Luckily, I made another purchase at different location and decided to exchange the bag with the new (great) SA I met. So, here it is! The exchange will be for the gold (mimosa) color, which should arrive in a few days.

  2. Sorry for the distorted pic orientation, I cannot figure out how to change it on my iphone. Not to mention I had more than one picture to post. :smile:
  3. Very pretty...Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Beautiful :smile:) congrats and enjoy her
  6. Congrats! That would totally annoy me if a SA folded my bag to fit in the box. Glad to hear you found a better SA!!
  7. congrats! 😃👍👏
    glad you found a great SA finally...:😜
  8. Congrats!!! :smile:
  9. Lovely, congrats!
  10. congrats
  11. Congrats :smile: enjoy!
  12. Congrats and enjoy the bag..
  13. Cant wait to see your exchange now too!
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Congrats!