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  1. #1 Feb 18, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014

    I chose the monogram agenda pm. Thanks to everyone who gave input. I love it!
  2. very pretty congrats :smile:
  3. Nice:smile:
  4. Congrats!
  5. IT'S STUNNING!!! I'm having a dilemma also... I own a few lv bags n I am planning on going to the lv store any day to grab the agenda n would use it everyday... Should I get it in mono? I was in love with the mc in black with the hot pink interior but then I feel like if I start buying mc slgs I would want more lol if u know what I mean... :lolots:
  6. I'm also planning on getting the delightful mm for everyday bc I own speedy b DA 30 n speedy b 35 DE n as great as these bags are they aren't fit for my everyday bc I work at a salon and there isn't room for big bags just a little cubby so with the delightful I feel it would fit folded in it
  7. thank you! i think you should go for Mono. i agree, the MC black with pink interior is adorable but i think you might have a hard time finding it since they are discontinuing the MC line.
  8. Very nice, congrats!
  9. So pretty, congrats!
  10. Lovely, congrats
  11. I love that ! I want an agenda so bad! :smile:
  12. Nice!
  13. Pretty, congrats!
  14. Lovely, are you getting it heat stamped?
  15. maybe. i've never had heat stamping done before so it makes me a little nervous, but i'm sure it would be gorgeous.