Instant Reveal!

  1. This arrived last week, but I just got the time to post!

    It's the Cinema City Popcorn Bag!
    029.JPG 031.JPG 032.JPG 033.JPG 035.JPG 036.JPG 039.JPG 040.JPG
  2. It's love! Model shot? Pretty please?
  3. So cute!!
  4. Cute
  5. Adorable!
  6. Wow, what a unique, adorable handbag! The box and ribbon are pretty, too.
    I second posting modeling shots!
  7. Sooo fluffy!!!!!!!!!!! *.*
  8. This is too cute!
  9. I have never seen a bag like this.. How in the world would you carry that around?! You must be a super diva to pull that off!
  10. I am giggling with delight! :p
    This is a lot of fun - enjoy
  11. OMG hahaha! I Love this! Such an awesome bag. Enjoy :smile:
  12. Too cuteeeee!!!! ♥♥♥
  13. This is such a cool bag. I will add it to my small collection this weekend after work
  14. Adorable bag!!!! And the package from KS is just oh, so pretty!!!!
    Mod shots please:smile::yes:?
  15. wow! how fun!! and what darling packaging! this bag would even be cute displayed on a shelf like decor! such a fun piece!