Instant reveal!


Dec 27, 2008
Nottingham, UK
So, I have had, lets say, a 'few' issues this last 2wks...firstly my sale Printed Alexa arrived looking secondhand...she was immediately returned. This warranted a 13th look at the sale items. A scotchgrain tote was ordered...yay...but alas, it arrived and I wasn't convinced it was 'me'. So, finally, a little something arrived this morning that I am FINALLY happy with!

(I'm blaming colony for her reveal of the same thing, I think a handful of us then went on to order the same item!)

So, here we go...

When I first opened the box, my first thought was "eh...have they ran out f ribbon?!". My Mulberry bag is tied with the same material as the handle...I've never had this before :-s